Anti-Inhibition System

¿Cómo funciona el sistema antiinhibición de SICOR alarmas El Corte Inglés?

Within the world of security and, more specifically, within the world of alarms, there are many doubts about the inhibitors that can be used by assailants to try to block alarms and anti-inhibitor alarms.

What exactly is an inhibitor? 

It is a device that tries to generate a lot of noise and prevents signals from reaching their destination, in this case, the Alarm Receiving Center (ARC).

¿Cómo funciona el sistema de inhibición de SICOR alarmas El Corte Inglés y sus alarmas antiinhibidores? 

En SICOR alarmas El Corte Inglés, conectamos el sistema de alarma con la CRA por GSM y ADSL, sabiendo por dos vías que en todo momento ambas comunicaciones están activas. 

In case of sabotage, the thieves would have to use an inhibitor and this would still not work, they should also physically cut the cable because, if one of the detectors loses communication with the central panel, the ARC will receive this warning from the other detector, so that the alarms will continue to arrive and the police can be notified. 

If an outage were to occur in both systems, it would be detected by the ARC automatically and quickly reviewed to alert the police.

What do I need to know when contracting and installing an alarm?

  • They may call you with the excuse that they are "about the robbery" and, when you reply that you have not been robbed, they apologize saying that they must have made a mistake, creating uneasiness and warning of the high number of robberies that are occurring in your city.
  • The service of installation and connection to the ARC is regulated and controlled by the police, and there are laws and regulations that determine the way security companies operate.
  • The installation of an alarm system must meet a series of requirements to ensure its proper functioning.
  • In case of theft, the company is obliged to provide all the information required by the customer and the police. There are companies that try to delay this information or modify it, which can lead to the loss of their approval.
  • In order to sell a quick installation, in some cases other companies place the detectors glued. This is forbidden, the detection elements and the central panel must be fixed to the wall and with a sabotage system in case they try to pull them out.

Para evitar que nuestras alarmas sean inhibidas, en SICOR alarmas El Corte Inglés utilizamos la última tecnología para poder detectarlo al instante gracias a la comunicación constante entre los sensores. SICOR quiere dar un servicio de seguridad completo, por lo que no hay coste de instalación de nuestras alarmas ni de revisión, que te sientas protegido es nuestro objetivo.

Your business, company or premises as well as your home, whether it is a villa, first floor, attic or apartment, will always be connected and any attempt to inhibit it will be quickly notified, so that it cannot be left unprotected at any time.

Our experience and clients support us.

EN BUENAS MANOS con SICOR alarmas El Corte Inglés.

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