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Due to their size and characteristics, large companies tend to suffer more intrusions, theft and even cyber-attacks, as they are more attractive to more experienced criminals. Aware of this, at SICOR Alarms we have security systems for large companies, fully adapted to the specifications of each company and capable of guaranteeing complete protection in the working environment. 

Secure environments

After a prior analysis of the weakest aspects, we provide customised solutions to cover all needs. Our alarms for large companies allow us to fully protect the company, detecting threats of any kind that could endanger material assets, personnel and customers.  

The success of SICOR Alarms is based on two essential pillars: technology and innovation and a team of security experts. This is the perfect combination to offer the best alarms for large companies. 

All our alarms are totally secure, have anti-inhibition security systems and allow the alerts produced to be verified. From our Alarm Centre, our specialists immediately notify the Police, Fire Brigade or Health Services in the event of an emergency.

Protection and peace of mind with SICOR Alarms

Protection, comfort and peace of mind are fundamental at SICOR Alarms.


Audit of security, resources and economic viability. Free of charge and without obligation.


Maximum security and efficiency technology, applying artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

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Project accompanied by a comprehensive security service with savings of more than 50% and zero investment.

okConnection to our Alarm Receiving Centre
okLifetime warranty and maintenance

What is the best alarm system for large companies?

We provide unique services focused on comprehensive security and cyber security for businesses.

We carry out a free security study that allows us to determine which security system is best suited to the needs of your business.

Security solutions

Time and attendance control, access control, remote surveillance, telemetry, mobile surveillance, access to the SICOR Alarms application are just some of the options we offer to cover all our customers' needs.

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Comprehensive security

With our comprehensive security service we help you to improve the cost, time, scope and quality management of your business, optimising profits and competitiveness.

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Security in the digital sphere is also key at SICOR Alarms and, for this reason, we develop tailor-made cybersecurity protection plans.

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