cyber security for large companies

En SICOR alarmas El Corte Inglés contamos con una amplia experiencia, capacidad tecnológica y avanzados recursos innovadores

With new technologies and the global spread of the internet, the potential for risk has multiplied by billions. The most damaging criminal is the cybercriminal, and he or she can be thousands of kilometres away. There are more than 2 million cyber attacks per day and more than 20,000 Trojan viruses circulate on the web every day.

Personalised prevention plans

More and more companies are immersed in digital transformation processes and, often unknowingly, this facilitates the work of cybercriminals, who take advantage of the weaknesses that the Internet, and everything that revolves around it, offers to carry out cyber attacks.

Con el fin de evitar ciberataques o disminuir los daños de estos, en SICOR alarmas El Corte Inglés contamos con una amplia experiencia, capacidad tecnológica y avanzados recursos innovadores para diseñar planes de protección de Ciberseguridad personalizados. 

All companies, regardless of size and activity, are exposed to cyber-attacks, which can lead to loss of confidential company information, failure to meet business objectives, paralysis of product or service sales for a period of time, and other negative consequences that cause both economic and reputational damage to the business itself. 

Although cybersecurity is one of the unresolved issues for many companies, the truth is that investing in this area is essential today, as it allows the company to protect itself in the digital environment.

24-hour service

Flexibility and personalisation are present when it comes to attending to and managing any type of risk or problem, facilitating tailor-made advice and providing solutions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Great experience

After a long history in the field of cybersecurity, we continue to guarantee the protection of companies day after day in an increasingly digitalised world, which is constantly evolving. In addition, the fact that we hold certifications such as ISO 9001 guarantees the trust of our customers. 

Total success

With the cybersecurity action programs and the solutions of comprehensive security for large companies from SICOR alarmas El Corte Inglés, we are able to minimize information security risks, in compliance with current regulations, to offer a personalized and high quality service.

A great team of professionals

In our Control Centre, experts in cybersecurity, innovation and technological research offer solutions quickly and efficiently, responding to the demands of large companies.

State-of-the-art information technology

Reforzamos la protección y seguridad de las empresas gracias a mecanismos innovadores, que hacen de SICOR alarmas El Corte Inglés un referente en el sector. ​

From prevention to success

En SICOR alarmas El Corte Inglés entendemos la ciberseguridad como un pilar fundamental en las empresas y, en función de sus necesidades y vulnerabilidades, ofrecemos servicios a medida que garantizan la seguridad total del negocio

Prevention - Locating - Reaction - Success

Entre los servicios de ciberseguridad de SICOR alarmas El Corte Inglés, destacamos, principalmente, el asesoramiento continuo, las auditorías específicas, la monitorización y seguimiento, las acciones de prevención o la asistencia remota, apostando por una detección rápida y gestionando la defensa frente a los ciberataques activos desde una perspectiva tecnológica

Through these services we aim to prevent or reduce the following threats: 

Theft of intellectual property (trade secrets or patents)
Sensitive information compromised (private data of employees and users)
Sabotage of organisational infrastructures (removal of databases).

Our priority is to avoid cyber-attacks and, if they do occur, to minimise them, always defending the company's corporate and business reputation.

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