comprehensive security

comprehensive security for large companies

We guarantee complete protection for your company

Large companies, as well as generating great wealth for countries, are often a clear target for the most experienced criminals in terms of intrusions or robberies, whether physical or digital. With SICOR Alarms ' comprehensive security, you can prevent this type of incident.

Integral security, the strategic point for large companies

Integrating experience and technology

At SICOR Alarms, the protection of any company, regardless of its size, is a priority and, for this reason, we provide all companies with our comprehensive security services, which offer maximum peace of mind in the workplace, as well as guaranteeing the comfort of employees, suppliers, customers and other publics of interest. 

In this respect, opting for a comprehensive security system means having control of the entire company from a single point, with the aim of controlling the elements that are essential to establish complete protection in the company. 

All the solutions we provide at SICOR Alarms are characterised by offering a fully personalised service adapted to the needs of each company. Thus, our working formula focuses on integrating the experience of our qualified and specialised professionals with the most advanced technologies on the market, as well as the latest security equipment.  

The end result of integrated security is to optimise the company's cost, time, scope and quality management, increasing profits and improving competitiveness in record time. 

Customised solutions

At SICOR Alarms we have detected an increased demand for comprehensive security services in recent years, as they have become one of the strategic business objectives as they are fully efficient solutions that provide complete and personalised protection in the working environment. 

In addition, this type of service allows large companies to stop worrying about possible intrusions or thefts in the business environment and therefore focus on optimising their lines of business. 

But how do we do this? First of all, we analyse possible risks that could endanger the activity or the workers themselves, then we study the evolution of these threats and have all the information available, in order to provide comprehensive security solutions in the shortest possible time and under total coordination of the project, which is based on guaranteeing quantitative and qualitative results. 

For this purpose, we manage all the information corresponding to different areas such as Security, Engineering and Design of solutions, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Surveillance, Technology and Innovation, Fire Protection, Installation and Maintenance, Cybersecurity, Pre and Post Sales Service, among others.  

We also work for all types of sectors, from Banking and Insurance, to Industry, Energy, Logistics and Transport, as well as Distribution, Retail, Shopping Centres, Department Stores, Health, Culture, Leisure, Construction and Real Estate or Public Administrations and Organisations.

Increasing efficiency and lowering costs

For SICOR Alarms , integrated security plays an essential role in the value chain of companies and, for this reason, our solutions are characterised by being reliable, innovative and effective in meeting the most demanding security needs of companies.


All security services are included in the final price, no surprises.


The solutions are tailor-made after a prior study of the characteristics of each company.


The combination of surveillance and technology is undoubtedly the most complete security system, capable of providing a unique quality service. 


Analyses of the company's vulnerabilities are carried out on an ongoing basis to ensure both the success and continuity of the business. 


The customer is always informed and receives customised advice at any time.


And many other advantages that are always within the reach of large companies.

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