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Protect your business with SICOR Alarms! 

SICOR Alarms' business alarms are the perfect option to guarantee the protection and security of all companies. We have the most complete systems on the market, combining the most cutting-edge technology, the experience of a specialised team and the methodology of a great job based on personalised solutions adapted to the needs of each client. 

Analysis and adaptation

Alarms for shops, alarms for premises or alarms for offices are just some of the technological and innovative solutions that SICOR Alarms offers to protect businesses

After analysing the most demanding requirements of companies, as well as the specific characteristics of each one of them, at SICOR Alarms we quickly and efficiently detect weak points to prevent material and personal damage thanks to the installation and monitoring of our business alarms, characterised, above all, by their easy installation.  

SICOR Alarms ' security systems for businesses allow you to check the alerts that occur at any given moment. Thanks to the professionals at our Alarm Reception Centre, the Police, Fire Brigade or Health Services will be notified immediately in emergency situations. 

Protection and peace of mind with SICOR Alarms

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Main features of SICOR Alarms

At SICOR Alarms, protection and peace of mind are essential to create a secure environment in businesses and SMEs. To this end, our services are based on offering:


Connected and secure alarms 

In order to prevent intrusions and even robberies, all our alarms are connected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to the Alarm Reception Centre where experts watch over the protection of your business.

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Lifetime warranty and maintenance

To ensure that your business alarm is always in perfect condition, our security systems are guaranteed and maintained throughout the contract and are backed by El Corte Inglés

video surveillance

The importance of video surveillance 

Our alarms have 360º cameras, which allow us to visualise everything that happens in your company, always safeguarding both your privacy and that of your employees.

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Installation without building work

At SICOR Alarms we install your alarm quickly and easily, in one day you will be able to have your alarms active and without the need for building work.

At SICOR Alarms we do more for your business

We provide exclusive services focused on comprehensive security and cybersecurity for businesses.
We carry out a free security study that allows us to determine which security system is best suited to the needs of your business.

State-of-the-art equipment

For all those customers who want to increase the protection and security of their business, we have technological equipment of reference in the market that facilitates the management of costs, time and scope, under the umbrella of quality. CCTV surveillance systems, anti-theft systems or fire, gas and flood detectors are just some of the customised and innovative solutions we offer. 

Free and exclusive application for customers

Through the SICOR Alarms App you can access and manage the security system contracted in your business, as well as connect and disconnect the alarm or receive high quality images, among other functions. 

SOS and panic button

The business alarms have an SOS button and, in the event of an emergency, the alert is immediately sent to our ARC, which treats the alert as urgent and, if necessary, notifies the police and/or other emergency services.

Other services for SMEs and businesses provided by SICOR Alarms

Comprehensive security for SMEs

Comprehensive security is an added value for

Cybersecurity for SMEs

We guarantee the security of the technology of the
information of your business.

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