SICOR Alarms guarantees the security of your businessinformation technology.

Thanks to our extensive experience, technological capacity and advanced resources, at SICOR Alarms we guarantee the security of your business information technology in a digitalised world where cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly frequent.   

Prevention - Locating - Reaction - Success

With the aim of providing innovative solutions to businesses and SMEs in different sectors of activity, at SICOR Alarms we secure your business in the digital environment, developing tailor-made cybersecurity protection plans .

To this end, we offer a series of customised services ranging from continuous advice to specific audits, monitoring and follow-up, preventive actions or remote assistance, among others. 

At SICOR Alarms we are committed to rapid detection and managing the defence against active cyber-attacks from a technological perspective to avoid the following problems:

Theft of intellectual property (trade secrets or patents).
Compromised confidential information (private data of employees and users).
Sabotage of organisational infrastructures (removal of databases).

Protecting the security of your business is possible thanks to:

Team of experts

In our Control Centre, professionals specialised in cybersecurity, innovation and technological research provide quick, simple and effective solutions, responding to the needs and demands of businesses.

Extensive experience

Our experience in the field of cybersecurity allows us to guarantee the security and protection of companies in the digital world, which is characterised by its continuous evolution.

Latest information technology

We reinforce business security using advanced mechanisms that make us a benchmark in the sector.

24-hour service

We attend to and manage any type of threat in a flexible, personalised and comprehensive manner 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Total success

With the cybersecurity strategies and comprehensive security services for businesses carried out at SICOR Alarms, we manage to offer a personalised, high quality service, reducing information security risks and always complying with current regulations. 

Other services for SMEs and businesses provided by SICOR Alarms

Comprehensive security for SMEs

Comprehensive security is an added value for

Business Alarms

Protect your business with SICOR Alarms!

Our priority is to avoid potential threats and damages and, in the event that they occur, to minimise them, defending both the corporate and business reputation of your company

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