comprehensive security

comprehensive security for businesses and SMEs

Comprehensive security is an added value for businesses.

At SICOR Alarms we are aware of the importance that businesses and SMEs have in the business world and, for this reason, we offer comprehensive security services, with the aim of providing complete protection, guaranteeing the security of both your company and your employees at all levels. 

Efficient solutions and benefits

Added value for business!

Thanks to SICOR Alarms' comprehensive security services, we provide customised solutions to businesses by combining the work of our highly qualified and specialised team with the development of new technologies and the most innovative equipment. 

The purpose of our integrated security service is to respond to companies that want to improve the cost, time, scope and quality of their business in order to optimise profits and competitiveness. 

On a regular basis, we analyse all types of risks and study their evolution in order to guarantee maximum comprehensive security solutions, based on quantitative and qualitative results.  

An efficient solution to business security

At SICOR Alarms we integrate all the security systems into one in a coordinated manner, in order to provide an effective solution to our customers, in this case, businesses. 

Under a single interlocutor, we analyse business risks to manage all the information corresponding to areas such as Security, Engineering and design of solutions, Mobile Surveillance, Technology and Innovation, Fire Protection, Installation and Maintenance, Cybersecurity, Pre and After Sales Service, among others.  

We have extensive experience in sectors such as Banking and Insurance, Industry, Energy, Logistics, Transport, Distribution, Retail, Shopping Centres, Health, Culture, Leisure, Construction and Real Estate or Public Administrations and Bodies, among others.

The benefits of SICOR Alarms integrated security

We understand security as a key element in the business value chain. Given this reality, we provide advanced, reliable, efficient and innovative solutions for all businesses that wish to increase their security needs and also want to benefit from the following advantages:

All services are included in the final price, no surprises.
The solutions are tailor-made according to the characteristics of the business.
The integration of surveillance with technology provides a complete security solution and a quality service.
Business vulnerability analyses are conducted on an ongoing basis to ensure business success and continuity. 
All this and much more is always at the customer's fingertips.

Other services for SMEs and businesses provided by SICOR Alarms

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