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Would you like to feel protected in your home or business and would you like your family or employees to feel protected too? At SICOR Alarms we work day after day to offer maximum protection and comfort in homes and businesses. However, it is essential to take into account some security tips to reduce the risks in terms of theft and intrusions.

Home security

Main and secondary accesses closed 

When you are not at home, you should make sure that all entrances such as doors and windows are properly locked. The more difficulties intruders encounter, the more the chances of burglary are greatly reduced. 

Doors, always locked

It is important that all doors in the home are locked, whether you are inside or not, and it is recommended that these doors have at least two locking points. It is also advisable for these doors to have at least two locking points, and remember not to leave a set of keys around the house, as intruders tend to look in these areas, making them a very attractive hook!

Appear that the house is inhabited

It is essential to simulate that the home is occupied, especially in prolonged absences such as holidays or weekends, and in second homes. To this end, SICOR Alarms security systems allow you to switch the home's equipment on and off, although it is advisable for a trusted person to collect mail and carry out other day-to-day tasks.

Do not store high-value objects or documents

Although sometimes complicated, large amounts of money, valuables and documents should not be kept inside the home. If strictly necessary, it is advisable to have a safe deposit box to protect the most valuable items.

A season away from home? Don't go public!

With the rise of new technologies and, in particular, social networks, more and more people are posting their holiday or work plans on these channels, which can be a call to intruders if the absence is prolonged. Therefore, at SICOR Alarms we advise against making this type of content public. 

Personal security

Change your routines

Our actions directly lead to the protection of our home. Whenever possible, and without becoming obsessed, it is advisable to try to change the routes and times of returning home from work, to pay attention if someone is following us, and to make sure that there are no unknown people or cars around the house for several days in a row.

We can all help

It is advisable to teach them how to ask for help in emergency situations, not to open the door to strangers and not to give out personal or private information if they pick up the phone.

Protect your installation

To avoid personal injury and even material damage, remember to properly protect plugs and cables. Keep electrical appliances away from damp or wet areas. Have certain knowledge to prevent possible flooding and/or gas leaks.

If there are children at home

It is always good to teach them how to ask for help in emergency situations, not to open the door to strangers and not to give out personal or private details if they pick up the phone. 

Finally, to avoid personal injury and even material damage, remember to properly protect sockets and cables, keep electronic devices away from damp or wet areas and have some knowledge of how to prevent possible flooding and/or gas leaks .

Business security

The recommendations offered by SICOR Alarms for home security can also be applied in the case of companies, providing maximum protection.

However, for this type of infrastructure, it is also essential that only trusted or authorised persons have access to the installed alarms, as they are highly responsible systems. 

In this respect, don't forget to pay attention to opening and closing times, as these are often the times when potential criminals are most likely to activate their plan. 

Remember that the interiors and exteriors of the business must always be well lit and that access points (doors, windows, etc.) must be checked regularly to ensure that they are in optimum condition!

Safety and security thanks to SICOR Alarms alarm kits

In addition to complying with all these security tips, it is essential to have different systems connected to a control panel, through which you can connect to the SICOR Alarms Alarm Reception Centre 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to guarantee complete protection.

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