SICOR alarms app

Why connect your alarm to your mobile phone?

At SICOR Group we have talked about the important role of new technologies in security, and alarms are already equipped with the most advanced ones.

It is rare to see a business or home without some form of security, whether physical security through guards or electronic security systems, and it is rarer still for a person not to have a mobile phone in the palm of their hand.

The possibility of combining security and technology has allowed alarms to be at the forefront. Through a single App you can connect your mobile phone to the security system of your home or business and see in real time what is happening inside by viewing high quality images, 24 hours a day from wherever you are.

In addition, these security applications, which connect your mobile phone with your home or business, are free and give you the peace of mind of "Being there when you are not". Among their multiple functions we can highlight: connection and disconnection of the alarm at any time, knowing who enters and leaves the area to be protected... 

They are completely reliable systems, capable of receiving alerts and instantly communicating any incident or intrusion to the Alarm Reception Centre who, if necessary, would communicate with the security and emergency forces, guaranteeing your protection and that of your family and friends.

The security of your home and business is just a gesture away.

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