SICOR Alarms is petfriendly the alarm compatible with your pet

SICOR ALARMAS is a fully pet-compatible alarm.

At SICOR Group and SICOR Alarms we ensure the protection of all our customers and we adapt to the situation of each one of them in a specialised and personalised way. 

As we know, one of the main doubts and concerns of people who have pets at home when considering whether or not to install an alarm in their home, especially in villas, is whether there will be alarm jumps produced by our particular flatmates.

At SICOR Alarms we think of all types of customers and all these issues are considered so that having a pet does not interfere at any time with the decision to keep your home safe and protected IN GOOD HANDS. SICOR Alarms compatible with pets.

Can I set my alarm if my pet is loose in the house?

SICOR Alarms is petfriendly and has a system designed not to trigger an alarm if the body detected is less than 20kg in weight and a maximum of 50cm in height. If the photodetector gives a signal, our own ARC will detect that it is an animal and we will not generate a warning. 

Both your home and your pet will be protected and in good hands at all times. For more information call 900 533 941 or consult our website.

Can I have a motion sensor if I have a pet in my home?

The motion detection system of alarms is a very important part of home security, and for this reason, it is a common thought that an alarm system will not work if your pet can move freely, but at SICOR Alarms this is not the case. Our pet-friendly alarm has sensors designed to ignore any change in body heat movement at ground level up to 20 kilos of weight by mass. Common passive infrared detectors are not able to distinguish between people and animals, but pet-friendly ones are able to differentiate between them and not trigger an alarm.

Other tips to avoid unnecessary alarm jumps:

  • Train your pet to learn that there are places it cannot go.
  • Place gates and barriers so that key points are not affected.

We know that the safety of your home and your best friend is paramount, so at SICOR Alarms we offer you our alarm service, with which you can have pets in your home without them interfering with the operation of the system and ensuring the protection of your great companion. 

Find out more about our services on 900 533 941 or on the SICOR Alarms website.

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